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Luggage Prototype Testing

Silverstone, UK 6th June 15

We don't need much of an excuse to head to Silverstone for the day, so testing a prototype Ginetta holdall was more than reason enough to borrow a company G40 and head south.

Ginetta exists to go racing and so each of our clothing and accessory designs needs to be able to function in a track environment.  Those of you that have spent time either racing or on track days will know that you need to have a large amount of gear in order to do it safely, with many drivers now using HANS devices in addition to the usual wardrobe of helmet, race suit, fire-proof layers etc etc...

To help us transport our kit in style we've been working with the team at Chapman Bags in Carlisle to build a prototype holdall with a separate helmet bag contained within, to keep the driver's most expensive piece of equipment looking pristine.  This is not without its challenges and has felt at times like a quart-into-a-pint-pot exercise, but we think we're getting there.  This extensive development process would not be complete without some field testing, which is why we took it down to Silverstone for the RMA open trackday in May.

Follow us on Twitter @GinettaLstyle for updates as the process continues, hopefully with more spurious testing activity thrown in for good measure.