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Clothing. Engineered by Ginetta.

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Motor-racing has produced some of the most recognisable icons of the last century; Newman at Indianapolis, Steve McQueen’s ‘Le Mans’, James Hunt leaning against his McLaren M23, Marlboro in hand. The sport provides a platform for self-expression in one of the most demanding arenas in the world, combining form and function to produce seminal designs that excel in the track environment.

Ginetta has been making racing cars since 1958 and, as one of the few remaining British sports car manufacturers, is responsible for some of the most iconic race and road cars in history. We are one of the most significant players in global motorsport, selling cars across the globe and training the brightest stars in UK motorsport.

With Ginetta Lifestyle, the business has turned its attention to engineering a range of motorsport inspired menswear and accessories that embodies the essential wardrobe of the racing driver. Our pieces represent modern takes on timeless designs synonymous with the sport, are made without compromise and built to withstand the rigours of the pit-lane.

Like our cars, all of the range is designed in-house by Ginetta and manufactured in the UK by craftsmen with their own fascinating histories. Using the best materials available, we make a limited number of each piece to reflect the low-volume, specialist nature of our business.

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